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engines and transmissions

Your engine functions as the heart of your vehicle, giving you the power you need to get your car to your destinations. The engine and transmission work together to get your car to drive smoothly and reliably, with the engine making power, and the transmission converting that power into torque that makes your wheels turn. Without a reliable engine or transmission, you wouldn’t be able to get very far! That’s why routine service and maintenance to these systems are vital to have a dependable car for many miles to come. And for the best engine and transmission repair in Erie, PA, you’ve got to come straight to the expert mechanics here at Harrell Automotive! Call or stop by our shop today for all your engine and transmission needs in Erie, PA! 

Engine Repair Service Erie PA

Whether you need a speedy oil change or more intensive engine repairs, overhauls, and replacements, Harrell Automotive can get you taken care of! With the professionals in our shop on the job, you’re guaranteed unmatched engine repair service in Erie, PA that will leave your car in optimal performance condition. Call and make your appointment today for the best engine repair in Erie, PA with Harrell Automotive! 

Transmission Repair Service Erie PA

Your transmission is a complex and vital piece of machinery that helps your car drive, and if it’s faulty, you could be in for some trouble on the road! Signs that you could be driving with a bad transmission include difficulty switching gears, a shaky vehicle, burning smells from under your hood, dragging clutch, and unusual noises when your car is in neutral. When these problems arise, don’t let them go ignored, just bring your car in to see the professionals here at Harrell Automotive for the best transmission repair service in Erie, PA, and get back on the road with confidence! 

Engine and Transmission Repair Near Me

Your engine and transmission work hand in hand to get you the reliable driving experience you’ve come to expect, and you’re going to want to be sure that you have the best mechanics in your corner to get you the repairs you need. That’s why Harrell Automotive is here to get you the engine and transmission repair service in Erie, PA that you can rely on so that you can take on the road with confidence for many miles to come. Give us a call or stop by our shop to see the professionals at Harrell Automotive today for the best engine and transmission repair in Erie, PA! 

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